425 Narrowline Double Glazed

Aluminium Framing System

425 Narrowline Double Glazed

The AGS 425 Narrowline framing system has been developed specifically to cater for the growing requirement for energy efficient double glazing. Modeled on the AGS 400 Narrowline framing system, the 425 Narrowline integrates seamlessly to allow design flexibility between single and double glazed systems.

With a wide range of compatible doors and operable windows, the AGS 425 Narrowline offers generous design flexibility making this product ideal for commercial or residential projects that require a bold modern look and high levels of structural and thermal performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated double glazed 101.6mm x 50mm centre glazed frame
  • Suits most commercial or architectural applications requiring improved thermal characteristics Crisp, narrow unbroken lines for clean aesthetics
  • Captive glazing wedge options for easier on-site glazing
  • Supports thick glass with the use of an adapter
  • A wide range of compatible AGS window and door suites available

Additional Product Information