Artisan Folding Door System – Cullen Bay, NT

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Recently installed in a fine residence at Cullen Bay, this project is an outstanding example of how the Artisan aluminium folding door system. Wide-span openings help a building open up and extend living space beyond the walls, taking advantage of every aspect of the environment.

Capral Artisan is a technologically advanced folding door system that surpasses that of ordinary aluminium folding doors. Utilising Effortless Motion Technology (EMT™) Artisan aluminium folding doors create harmony, balance and a greater sense of ease. Artisan aluminium folding doors move and feel like no other, because they’re made like no other. At the heart of it all – EMT™ and Capral’s AGS ‘Smart Hinge’ and ‘Easy Gliding’ Channel makes Artisan quietly the best and smoothest door on the market. The obsession with precision and flawless motion makes Artisan aluminium folding doors simply perfect.

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